Our Menu

Our carefully curated menu features a delightful blend of global flavors and locally sourced ingredients, making every dish a celebration of taste and quality.


  • Chicken

    – Mini Szechuan Chicken Brochettes w/ grilled pine
    – Chicken Satay w/spicy peanut sauce
    – Southern Fried Chicken on a Waffle w/ maple spicy chili sauce
    – General Tao Chicken Verrine based on white rice
    – Drums of Heaven w/ honey garlic sesame sauce
    – Mini Pitas filled w/sauteed Chicken Liver and spicy harissa
    – Chicken Poppers on a mini waffle drizzled with maple syrup
    – Thai forked chicken w/ spicy peanut butter sauce

  • Beef

    - Kafta Skewers w/oriental dipping sauce
    – Spicy Beef Merguez ( sauteed station)
    – Beef Sliders w/caramelized onions, jalapeno accompanied w/Beer Shooter
    – Braise Beef empanadas w/ chimichurri mayo
    – Mini Potato Skin filled w/ Meat Chili
    – Spicy Moroccan Cigars
    – Mini Szechuan Beef Brochettes
    – Hot Dogs In Blankets
    – Mini Egg Rolls w/Pastrami served w/ plum sauce

  • Additional

    First Cut Grilled Lamb Chop based on a bed of mashed potatoes and gravy In a Martini Glass


  • Options

    – Pate de Foie maison w/Crostini
    – Guacamole Shooters w/Tortilla
    – Verrines Crudites w/Dip
    – Mini rice paper roll filled w/ sliced mango, rice noodle w/ chili dipping sauce
    – Chopped Eggs Topped w/ Caviar in a Verrine
    – Quinoa and Edamame in a Verrine
    – Mini Stuffed Mushroom w/ Risotto
    – Mousse of Tuna in Filo dough canape topped w/ Capers

Choice Of Stations

  • Meat Station

    – Montreal Smoked Meat Station w /Rye Bread, Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Pickles ,Mustard
    – Charcuterie Station; Mix charcuterie board pickled vegetables and Pate board w/crackers

  • Mediterranean Station

    – Shawarma
    – Merguez Sauteed
    – Falafel Bar w/Pita
    – Hummus and Tahini

  • Oriental Wok Cookery

    – General Tao Chicken or Sweet and Sour Chicken
    – Chinese Fried Rice
    – Egg Rolls w/ Plum Sauce
    – Shanghai Noodles

  • Mexican Station

    – Make your own Tacos w/ Beef or Chicken and Guacamole, Corn, Salsa
    – Jalapeno, Chopped Tomatoes, and Green onions
    – Mexican Bean Chili served w/Cornbread
    – Mini Beer Shooters

  • Perogies Station

    – Beef or Chicken Potato Perogies
    – Creamy Garlic mashed Potatoes in a Martini Glass topped w/sauteed mushrooms gravy

  • Sushi Station

    – Assorted Sushi on our Boat Display
    – Sashimi Sushi
    – Mini Sushi Poke Bowl Salad

  • Seafood and Fish Station

    – Salmon Tempura Lollipop
    – Sauteed Shrimp Flambe in Vodka
    – Seafood salad Verrines based on spicy mayo
    – Mini Panko Crab Cakes and Tuna Cakes w/spicy chipotle aioli
    – Seared Asian Tuna Teriyaki on a spoon
    – Grave Lox Platters w/ Crostini
    – Ahi Tuna Taco w/avocado, lime aioli on taro shell topped w/ microgreens


  • Carved Papaya Salad

    Filled w/Boston lettuce, Belgium endive, red Chicory leaves and Accompanied with Cajun Fillet of Salmon Topped with Taro Chips, Pomegranates & drizzled w/balsamic honey dijon vinaigrette

  • Gladstones Salad

    Mix Greens of Arugula, baby spinach, and baby kale topped w/mango, candied pecans and topped w/crispy noodles, in a balsamic honey sesame dijon vinaigrette

  • Pesto Salmon

    Served on a bed of caramelized fennel & drizzled w/a red pepper coulis and capers

  • Salmon Roulade

    Topped with sauteed Shrimp w/ a white wine lemon, honey dijon sauce and a seafood salsa in a martini glass topped w/crispy rice noodles and microgreens

  • Mediterranean Salmon

    Mediterranean Salmon on a Bed of Chickpeas Topped with Fresh Coriander & Pickled Lemon

  • Salmon Sriracha

    Oven-baked honey sriracha Salmon on a slice of grilled pineapple topped with avocado, mango salsa

  • Chilean Sea Bass

    Pistachio or Corn Crusted on a bed of honey glazed watermelon radish, accompanied with a seafood shooter drizzled with spicy mayo

  • Mushroom & Seafood Crepe

    Infused with Truffle Oil Accompanied with Salmon Tempura Lollipop


  • Chicken

    – Chicken Ballotine Stuffed with Seasoned Ground Chicken & Porcini Mushrooms Served with a Pomegranate Sauce and Grilled Green and Yellow Mini Squash
    – Chicken Royale Stuffed with Pastrami in a Reduction of Port Wine Dijon demi glazed, with a choice of Seasonal Vegetables
    – Chicken Supreme Served with Orange Sesame Sauce
    – Roasted Half Cornish hen Topped with a Reduction of white wine garlic lemon dijon sauce

  • Duck

    – Roast long island Duck A L’orange

  • Beef

    – Black Angus dry rub Prime Rib Au Jus
    – Black Angus dry rub 16 Oz Rib Steak
    – English Rib Braised with Port and Marsala wine
    – Beef Medallion in a Peppercorn Sauce
    – Brazed Pickled Brisket of Beef with Port Wine Mushroom Sauce

  • Veal

    – Veal Marsala with Demi Glaze of Marsala Wine
    – Veal Roast a L’Orange on a Bed of Chestnuts with a Reduction of Wine Sauce
    – First Cut Veal Chop Served with a Reduction of White wine and orange dijon sauce

  • Lamb

    – Herb Crusted First Cut Lamb Chops
    – Oriental Lamb Shank Tagine Served on a Bed of Couscous with Tanzia (Confit of Dried Fruits)

  • Sauce

    – Marsala sauce, Brandy Peppercorn Sauce, Red wine Bordeaux réduction au jus


  • Options

    – Mini Roasted Garlic Potato Skewers & Mini Yellow and Green Pepper Squash
    – Mashed Potato and Seasonal Vegetables
    – Portobello Mushrooms Stuffed with Quinoa
    – White Asparagus (In Season Only)
    – Roasted Fennel and Grilled Baby Golden Beets
    – Roasted Watermelon Radish
    – Roasted Sweet Potato
    – Mediterranean Glazed Sweet Potato, Carrots, with Honey and Cinnamon
    – Mushroom Risotto
    – Tower of Grilled Vegetables
    – Garlic Sauteed French Green Beans Topped with Roasted Sliced Almonds


  • Choice Of Options

    – Caesar Salad w/Garlic Bread
    – Penne w/marinara sauce
    – Shanghai Noodles
    – Tricolor Fusilli w/ pesto sauce
    – BBQ Chicken Wings
    – Chicken Poppers w/waffle
    – Chicken Fingers
    – Chicken schnitzel
    – Sliders topped w/pulled beef
    – Chili meat w/Tortilla chips
    – Pogo
    – Hot Dogs in blanket
    – Meat Poutine
    – Egg Rolls
    – French Fries
    – Onion rings

Vegetarian & Gluten-Free Options

  • Dinner Entrees

    – A Duo of Zucchini and Pepper Stuffed with Quinoa & Mushrooms
    – Low Mein Noodles with Grilled sliced tofu
    – Half Butternut Squash Stuffed with Mushroom Risotto & Red Peppers
    – Tower of Grilled Vegetables Topped with Shredded Tofu

  • Soups

    – Cream of Asparagus
    – Cream of Broccoli
    – Potato Leek Soup
    – Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
    – Cream of Zucchini
    – Cream of Butternut Squash and Chickpeas


  • Cali Salad

    Mixed Greens, Arugula, Baby Spinach, & Belgian Endives, Mango, pomegranate with Candied Walnuts, and topped w/Sesame Honey Dijon Vinaigrette

  • Gladstones Caesar Salad

    Romaine lettuce with our Homemade Caesar dressing and Croutons

  • Asian Salad

    Baby Kale, Purple Cabbage, Hearts of Palm, Roasted Sliced Almonds, Topped with Crispy Noodles & Infused Mandarin Asian Vinaigrette


  • Options

    – Assorted Tarts
    – Assorted French Mini Pastries
    – Assorted French Cakes
    – Crepe Suzette
    – Creme Caramel
    – Fruit Kabobs
    – Seasonal Fruit in Glass Bowls
    – Parfait Verrines of strawberry shortcake/lemon meringue/ raspberry white chocolate/tiramisu

  • Sweet Table Upgrades

    – Cake Pops /Parve cheesecakes pops / dark chocolate brownie pops
    – Rice Krispies Pops
    – French Macarons
    – Assorted Morrocan Pastries

  • Kids Station

    – Ice Cream Bar w/Assorted Toppings (Whip Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Sprinkles)
    – Ice Cream Sandwiches

  • Funky Station

    – Popcorn Cart
    – Hot Pretzels

  • Belgian Waffle Station

    Waffle with Assorted Toppings (Blueberries, Chocolate Sauce, Whip Cream)


  • Passing Hors D’oeuvres

    – Cigars
    – Mini Merguez
    – Chicken Shish Kabob
    – Kefta Kabob

  • Each Table

    – Assorted dinner rolls
    – Matbucha salad salad
    – Eggplant Salad
    – Banana peppers

  • First Appetizer

    – Filet of Salmon Moroccan Style on a bed of cooked chickpeas w/ paprika, coriander, and red peppers

  • Main Course

    – Couscous Royal w/Tanzia
    – Pastilla
    – Moroccan Lemon Chicken tagine

  • Dessert (On Each Table)

    – Assorted Moroccan pastry platter on each table
    – Fresh Fruit platter
    – Tea and Coffee

    OPTIONAL: Moroccan Full Sweet Table and Exotic Fruits


  • Each Table

    – Assorted rolls w/olive tapenade
    – Choice of 4 salads ( from a selection of our standard salad menu)

  • First Appetizer

    – Choice of Filet of salmon or Gefilte Fish or Moroccan Fish Balls

  • Main Course

    – Ballotine of chicken stuffed w/mushrooms and ground chicken served w/ a medley of seasonal vegetables and roasted wedge potatoes

  • Desert (on each table)

    – Chocolate Tartufo drizzled with chocolate sauce and berries
    – Tea & Coffee

    OPTIONAL: Moroccan Full Sweet Table and Exotic Fruits


  • Each Table

    – challah rolls, olives, and pickles
    – Simcha challah

  • Buffet

    – Coleslaw and cranberry salad w/sliced almonds
    – Quinoa edamame corn salad
    – Jalapeno and pickled lemon salad
    – Eggplant salad w/roasted red peppers
    – Waldorf salad, green apples, pineapple, celery, walnuts
    – Whole smoked carved turkey
    – Carved Montreal smoked meat
    – Chicken galantine (meatloaf)
    – Assorted cold cuts
    – French liver pate w/crostini
    – Chicken fingers
    – BBQ Chicken wings
    – Potato kugel
    – Cholent or Horisa

  • Desert (on each table)

    Fresh fruit platter and Assorted french pastries, Tea & Coffee

    OPTIONAL: Salmon Appetizer on each table


  • Each Table

    – Assorted dinner rolls
    – Matboha salad
    – Eggplant salad
    – Coleslaw and cranberries, almond salad, topped w/crispy noodles
    – Jalapeno pickled lemon salad
    – Mediterranean lemon chicken w/cooked olives or mushrooms
    – Assorted cold cuts
    – Potato kugel
    – Cholent or Horisa

  • First Appetizer

    – Filet of sole w avocado mango salsa and tsarmela ( Mediterranean Spicy sauce)

  • Desert (on each table)

    – Fresh fruit platter
    – Assorted petit fours
    – Tea or Coffee

    Additional Item : Smoked meat plate

  • Kids Menu

    – Chicken fingers, Chicken wings, Caesar salad w/croutons, Cholent or Horisa


  • Standard Salad

    – Beet Salad
    – Potato Salad
    – Coleslaw Salad w/ cranberries and crispy noodles
    – Quinoa Salad w/edamame and mango
    – Baba ganoush salad
    – Matboha salad
    – Carrot Salad
    – Jalapeno and Pickled lemon salad
    – Marinated spicy olives salad
    – Pasta Salad w/pesto and cherry tomatoes
    – Israeli Salad

  • Optional Upgrades

    – Spinach, Arugula, and Mango Salad w/ candied nuts
    – Quinoa Salad
    – Avocado and Mango Salad w/ green onions
    – Banana Peppers
    – 3 Colors grilled pepper salad
    – Fennel and Mandarin Salad
    – Deluxe Eggplant salad w/black olives, red peppers, and hearts of palm

  • Sushi Station

    – Assorted Sushi on our Boats
    – Sashimi Sushi
    – Assorted Poke Bowls Sushi


  • Buffet

    – Assorted Bubbies bagels
    – Assorted danishes and muffins
    – Scrambled eggs and roasted wedge potatoes
    – Lox platters
    – Tuna salad
    – Egg salad
    – Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and olives
    – Parve cream cheese and jam
    – Seasonal fruit platters
    – O.J
    – Tea and Coffee
    – Assorted Poke Bowls Sushi


  • Juice station

    Orange juice, Apple Juice, Mango juice, Hot Chocolate
    Optional station: Smoothie Bar
    Station of Breads & Croissanterie: Chocolate croissant, Almond croissant, mini Muffins, Parve cream cheese and jams

  • Salad bar (Choice Of 3)

    – Mango and avocado
    – Seafood salad (cucumber, corn, crab, red pepper
    – Heart of Palm and Baby corn
    – Quinoa Salad
    – Fennel salad w/ mandarin
    – Coleslaw salad w/cranberry and crispy noodle
    – Waldorf salad
    – Mix greens salad w/watermelon radish

  • Omelettes Station

    – Customized Omelets w/assorted filling (red & green peppers, mushrooms & onions)
    – Eggs Benedict w/Choice of smoked salmon or spinach or avocado and tomato – Shakshuka (over-easy eggs cooked in a oriental tomato sauce)

  • Fish Station (Choice Of 2)

    – Smoked Salmon
    – Grave lox or smoked fish platters
    – Feuillete of seafood or vegetarian
    – Carved poached Salmon
    – Pailla (Spanish rice w/seafood, tomato, and saffron aroma)

  • Crepes Station

    – Crepes, French Toast, waffles, Pancakes with blueberries, whip cream, chocolate sauce

  • Moroccan Station (Choice Of 2)

    – Moroccan Donuts
    – Beignets
    – Couscous sucre (sweet) w/icing sugar and cinnamon
    – Mofleta
    – Birkouks

  • Dessert Station

    - Seasonal fruit bowls
    - french pastries
    - mousse verrines

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