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To whom it may concern, It is with great pleasure that I provide this letter of reference directed to anyone who is contemplating the services of a professional Caterer for their event. Raphy Amar was instrumental in organizing, planning and executing a flawless function for our son's Bar Mitzvah at Le Parc some 18 years ago, back then the presentation of his food, sweet table and various fruit showpieces captivated the evening and capped what was a first major event for our family. Ever since, my wife and I have continued our relationship with Raphy and have used his catering services to Bar Mitzvah our two other sons culminating with a fabulous engagement party for our son Marc at the Rosewater Supper Club which was followed by the catering of his wedding at the Oakdale Golf Club. Raphy demonstrated through and through that he is a master at delivering cocktails, dinner and dessert to a large demanding list of guests on time and on budget, he is able to combine exceptional culinary creativity and plate presentation understanding full well that each one of these functions was as important to him as it is was to us. Over the past 35 years I have consulted to major luxury hotels and resorts around the world and can say without hesitation that Raphy and his staff are world-class kosher caterers. Please do not hesitate to contact me for a personal recommendation.
Michael Baron
To whom it may concern, I am happy to furnish Mr. Raphael Amar with this testimonial. Mr. Amar was the founder and Executive Caterer of Beverly Hills Caterers until a few months ago. As the exclusive caterer of our synagogue, Mr. Amar enhanced the social aspect of our programs beyond articulation. Not only did an increasing number of people opt to celebrate special events at our synagogue, but the revenues of the congregation increased significantly as a result of Mr. Amar's popularity. Raphy with. Amar is charming, likable and always a pleasure to work He graces celebrations with his presence. Mr. Amar was completely cooperative in maintaining the highest standards of kashrut demanded not only by the rabbinate of Beth Jacob, but by the Orthodox Va'ad of Los Angeles and the Rabbinical Council of California. He was, in fact, the first kosher caterer to win the approval of the city-wide Va'ad. I wish Raphy mar success in his future endeavors.
Rabbi Abner Weiss
Beth Jacob Congregation
I would like to take this opportunity to express my satisfaction with your catering service. Our syna-gogue has used you on many occassions, both large and small and we have always been delighted with your courteousness and fine selection of foods. My family and myself were very pleased with your catering my son's Bar Mitzvahs and I would recommend you to anyone requiring the utmost standards in Kashruh and cuisine. I end with best wishes for success in all your endeavors.
Rabbi Eli Hecht
Dear Friends, It is with much pleasure that we write this letter in support of Mr. Amar and his catering company who we understand is submitting an RFP to our shul in order to become its caterer. We have known Mr. Amar for more than 15 years and he has catered all our simchas for us. Baruch Hashem we have had 3 Bar mitzvahs and one wedding under his supervision, first at Le Parc and then large functions in our home. All our dealings with him were on every level outstanding. He was attentive approachable and accessible at all times, flexible in his menu's and competitive in price. Of course the most outstanding feature was the quality of the cuisine that he served at the function, and all remember the meal as being of the highest quality in taste and presentation. His Kashrut was of the highest standard and he was never reluctant to ask a question if he was not sure of something. He was a mensch in all business matters and was always flexible in his pricing option. The success of our new shul hall will in large depend on the excellence and affordability of the food. We would have no hesitation in entrusting this to him.
Dr. Yosef and Lauren Barrett
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